Super Speed Suit - Bust

Marcelo m prado pose
Marcelo m prado beautyshot
Marcelo m prado side
Marcelo m prado front
Marcelo m prado wireframe
Marcelo m prado face
Marcelo m prado wireframe2
Marcelo m prado zbrush

Super Speed Suit - Bust

3D Character created to test Substance Painter material I created for mobile games. All the details and main volumes are embeded inside the material and exported in a unique texture. Aditional mask can be exported to use a Matcap and simulate metal (In this case I used as specular map inside Marmoset).

All the 3D model shapes and color shapes (except for the text decals) were designed to try avoid texture compression insues such as noise for small details, mainly when the character is far from camera suffering with poor antialiasing commom for VR and mobile devices.

For the helmet I got a little inspiration from the Dominance war 4 winner.

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